Little paper-cut sets.

I'm not the best at keeping up with this blog, (in fact i had considered getting rid of it altogether as using Instagram is so much easier when posting work), but then I realised that I love looking at other artists blogs and really appreciate the effort that goes into it, (see Rebecca Green's My Blank Paper and Keri Smith for maximum effort and reading pleasure!) 

So I have decided to continue (however infrequently!) with sharing my work on this platform which is a little more laboured and hopefully more insightful!



This was some work I created after I had  a particularly bad case of writers/ illustrators block...

After a recent, really big commission, I had been experiencing a bit of a dry spell with the amount of work I was getting, (usually this is the time in which I try to work on my own personal picture book projects) but there's nothing like getting no work to make you feel like shit and not want to do any!

I am currently writing two new books, (with lot's of other story ideas buzzing around in my head) and basically was finding it impossible to get anywhere with any of it.

Then one morning I woke up excited with a completely new idea that I can honestly say, didn't seem to come from anywhere. I just woke up and it was in my head?! (This never happens, and the significance of this for me, was that it was almost my brain saying "Come on, do something!")

I decided to make little paper cut outs and build a small set. Also, at the time it was national bookshop week, so the project also suddenly had a theme.

The strangest thing was that before, I had felt unable to draw or create anything, everything looked terrible and I was completely uninspired but as soon as I set about sketching out the little bookshop and characters, I was strangely galvanised by the fact that they were going to end up '3D' and it seemed like the most exciting thing I had done in months.


I just love how a simple change in medium can re-ignite that creative spark and create excitement for working again, so if you're stuck, give yourself a break and then try something completely (or even just a little bit new), and see where it takes you!



I'm going to make lot's of these little sets when I have time and it's nice to know that they're there for when I'm having a creative lull.

Also see this particular post from Rebecca Green about her own struggle with creative 'burnout' and listen to Creative Pep Talk from Andy J Pizza, as it is a bloody great creative podcast.

Happy Friday everyone!