Les aventures d'un doudou a travers le monde.

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of illustrating a wonderful book by Lenia Major, published by Albums Circonflexe, about a little bear called Caramel who, through getting lost a number of times, travels the world!

I really loved the story, especially because when I was young, I had lost my own childhood toy on an airplane and always hoped he had been found by someone who would look after him! I was also really excited to illustrate a picture book in another language.

IMG_0131 2.JPG

I started with a rough sketch of Julie, Caramel's original owner, with her bear in tow.


Then, after all of my roughs were approved, started on the final paintings. I worked mostly by hand, cleaning things up and editing on photoshop afterwards.


Original painting of Caramel and Yumi in the Nagasaki gardens.


My studio wall a good way through the project...

IMG_0132 2.JPG

More paintings on the wall..


And finally, a little peak inside the book!

You can order the book here