I created this illustration for an article about how unnatural light can affect children's sleep patterns for JUNO magazine.

The illustration originally had a blue 'night sky' background but after it was altered for the layout of the magazine (the background colour being used for the surrounding pages), I decided that I preferred it this way!

Nature and Health

Illustration for an article entitled "21 Ways to find your Zen"for Nature and Health magazine. 


For the past few weeks I have been gearing up for Bologna book fair. I have my tickets and accommodation sorted so all that's left is to complete the new dummy book for my new story! 

Here are a few progress shots...


Here are some cards I designed for James Ellis' 'Shakies' range. You can purchase them via the website or in selected Paperchase and John Lewis stores.

Happy weekend!


Drawn in Bristol blog.

Hop on over to the Drawn in Bristol blog to see what my other fellow Bristol illustrators have vowed to achieve in 2015!

Laurie Stansfield's resolution is particularly impressive! Click here to see more of her beautiful work.

Laurie Stansfield, City Rhythm.

Laurie Stansfield, City Rhythm.


I decided to share some of my New Years resolutions, after spending a while figuring out exactly what they were, so that I have no excuse but to adhere to them!

I have a lot of new ideas and things that I want to achieve in 2015 as well as the publication of my first book to look forward to in July, so here they are in no particular order.

1. Write more.

I want to write more stories, as well as making the ones I currently have in sketched form, into proper dummy books and sending them off to publishers.

2. Sketchbook keeping.

Making sure my sketchbook is always to hand, so that when an idea strikes, I can always get it down on paper.

In a similar vein, I also want to keep things that inspire me, from magazine or newspaper cuttings to flyers or exhibition pamphlets. I used to keep a journal full of inspiration but lost the motivation for it, subconsciously I think when it became easier to save images I liked on the computer.

3. Experiment.

I want to leave myself more time for experimentation, whether that be a way of working, using different colours or textures or even making 3D objects as opposed to just drawing. I definitely believe that this resolution is extremely important to avoid one's work becoming stale and maybe even, not as fulfilling.

4. Organisation.

Be organised, especially with keeping up to date with accounts. (This is an especially boring one!) 

5. Look after your body.

Being hunched over a desk for much of your waking life is certainly not good for anyone. Be aware of this and continue to stretch/ do yoga/ go for a run occasionally!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are feeling rested and inspired for what is to come!

This is a piece I did for the January 2015 issue of Nature and Health magazine, for an article about the New Year's Zodiac predictions.

It was nice to get an early start on thinking about all the resolutions I should be making and I have now finally sat down to write a list. I might share them on here to cement them more in my mind and make them that little bit harder to forget!

For now though, head on over to Meg Hunt's blog, where you will find as always, a wonderfully inspiring and insightful look at the year to come from an (excellent) illustrator's perspective.


New Year

Happy Christmas!


Hi there and welcome to my brand new blog within my brand new website! 

More posts to follow but for now, to see more of my working, please visit my Tumblr.

Happy Christmas!

Claire x